Presidential Fetish

My associate Ted Mills sent this ad from Craigslist the other day which in my mind raises more questions than it answers.

rhode island craigslist
Date: 2005-10-11, 12:31PM EDT

I am a 29 yr old man who for years has been collecting masks of famous past presidents. I have over 40 masks now of our governing forefathers and it is also somewhat of a kink of mine. I am looking for women into roleplay who may have always fantasized about getting banged by a young Richard Nixon.. or perhaps done doggy style by a brash and sexy Abraham Lincoln? How about being tied to my podium and made to “submit” by leather bound and erect Jimmy Carter? The scenarios are endless…and so is my presedential lust….if this sounds like a fantasy you would be excited by…drop me a line…your commander and chief awaits you…

I get the rather creepy image of a fat hirsute guy in a trailer full of rubber masks and bondage gear who really really liked high school history class. He claims to have 40 rubber masks out of 43. What presidents didn’t make the cut? Chester A. Arthur? Zachery Taylor? How many times does he make sexual innuendos out of Theodore Roosevelt’s famous “tread softly and carry a big stick” line? Is there a James A. Garfield rubber mask out there? Are they bought exclusively for obscure fetishists? Do they reenact Garfield’s faithful walk to through the Washington train station, reaching climax as James Blaine shouts “What is the Meaning of this?” It all just boggles the mind.

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