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Indie Pick of the Week: ‘Pieta’ Brings the Pain (Thanks, Ma!)

Too bad “Pieta” didn’t come out last week for Mother’s Day. Because South Korean director Kim Ki-duk’s film, which won the top prize at the Venice Film Festival, manages to capture the terrible, elemental power of mom like few films before. Continue reading ‘Indie Pick of the Week: ‘Pieta’ Brings the Pain (Thanks, Ma!)’

Indie Roundup: ‘Sightseers’ – Pitch Black Comedy in the British Hinterland

Ben Wheatley’s first feature, “Down Terrace,” was a blood-soaked domestic tale. Think a Yorkshire version of “The Sopranos” as shot by John Cassavetes. That film showed Wheatley’s knack for teasing out undertones of primal rage beneath the tedium and the sniping of a suburban home. The result was an uneasy mixture of kitchen-sink drama, black comedy, and gnawing dread. His follow-up, “Kill List,” which was of my favorite flicks of 2012, developed and amplified this queasy sensibility as the movie spiraled from domestic chamber drama to gory crime thriller to bizarro horror flick. The ending left me unnerved. For his latest film, “Sightseers,” Wheatley delves back into familiar thematic territory, though he tells the story with less genre-bending, experimental verve than in his last outing. On the other hand, this film is a lot funnier. Continue reading ‘Indie Roundup: ‘Sightseers’ – Pitch Black Comedy in the British Hinterland’

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