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Matthew McConaughey, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ score big in the Film Independent Spirit Awards nominations

As hosts Anna Kendrick, Common, and Zoe Saldana rattled off the nominees for the Film Independent Spirit Awards this morning at the W Hotel in Hollywood, it became clear that Matthew McConaughey was going to have a good day.

The 43-year-old actor nabbed not one but two acting nominations.

McConaughey received Best Supporting Male nom for his turn as Dallas, the roguish male strip club owner in “Magic Mike.” This came as little surprise. In a movie that featured a lot of strong performances, not to mention perfectly sculpted pecs, McConaughy’s magnetic performance was widely seen as the stand out of the movie.

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Indie Roundup: ‘Amour’

Michael Haneke knows how to make a feel-bad movie. Over his critically acclaimed career he has created a chilly, detached, and starkly unsentimental body of work that turns Hollywood conventions back on themselves. In “Funny Games,” he famously and rather pointedly made the audience complicit in the movie’s on-screen violence. In the disaster movie “Time of the Wolf,” his protagonist — unlike the star of a standard-issue American blockbuster — not only fails to rise to the challenges presented to her but fails even to hold the center of the movie. By the end of the flick, she’s dispirited and cast to the periphery of the movie’s narrative. Continue reading ‘Indie Roundup: ‘Amour’’

Indie Roundup: ‘Hyde Park on Hudson’

“Hyde Park on Hudson” is a movie that at first blush has all the hallmarks of a prestige awards-friendly movie. It stars a beloved veteran actor — Bill Murray — playing an even more beloved American legend — FDR. It’s set on Roosevelt’s estate in upstate New York, giving the film shades of “Downton Abbey.” And it features the same stuttering monarch from best-picture winner “The King’s Speech.” Yet beneath all that decorousness and good taste, there’s something perverse about this movie. (Note: If you feel that movies about historical events can contain spoilers, give this article a miss.) Continue reading ‘Indie Roundup: ‘Hyde Park on Hudson’’

‘Hyde Park on the Hudson’ shows FDR’s complicated private life

Franklin Delano Roosevelt may be the subject of the upcoming movie “Hyde Park on Hudson” — starring Bill Murray — but don’t expect to see him signing Social Security into law, addressing the nation after the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, or redrawing Europe with Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin at the Yalta conference. Instead, the movie focuses on the remarkably complicated and freewheeling personal life of the 32nd president. Continue reading ‘‘Hyde Park on the Hudson’ shows FDR’s complicated private life’

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