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Links (6/24/08)

Brian Eno and Kevin Kelly published a list of unthinkable futures 15 years ago in the Whole Earth Catalog. Now you can read in here. [via Boing Boing]

A very cute cartoon series about pandas and the recent Sichuan earthquake.

You all will be glad to know that the 61-year old British grandmother who started running around the world in 2003 has returned back to the UK in spite of being approached by a drunken guy with a bloody ax in Siberia, encountering a polar bear, and receiving 29 marriage proposals.

Really cool animation of a John Lennon press conference.

Continuing with Hilarious McCain blow ups — a funny viral video about John McCain dropping the C bomb on his wife.

I should have been a lot nicer to Steve Guttenberg.

East-side Angeleno culture in the Far East. [via LA Curbed]

The top ten political sex scandals in US history.

A helpful guide to the shadowy groups that run the world.

Now, THIS is a resignation letter.

Geek gets a 15 inch tall robot girlfriend.

This Week’s Links (5/27/08)

My weekly culling from the internets:

With so much talk in the news about nature disasters, I thought include some unnerving info about earthquakes in LA. Here’s a map of the San Andreas fault. And here’s a recent government study of what would happen if a Sichuan-sized earthquake hit Los Angeles. Here’s what to do in case of an earthquake.

The Scorsese remix of dramatic chipmunk. See the original here. Perhaps the best film of last year. (h/t Ted)

And then there’s this classic bit of police incompetence. Japanese custom officials slip a traveler 124 grams of hashish and then lose the guy.

And speaking of Japan, here’s a gorgeous photo set of Japanese highway interchanges. (from Pink Tentacle)

A list of the best covers from World Weekly News.

And just in case there are some among the millions of daily readers of Witmot? who might believe some of the idiot lies floating about my man Obama, here’s a video.

Remember those mutterings last year about the mysterious NAFTA superhighway that was to run from Mexico to Cananda? It was largely dismissed by the mainstream media as a paranoid fantasy. Here’s a spirited critique of it on the House floor from someone who’s definitely not a crank, my former congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. Definitely worth watching. The gist: that Capitalist bastards are seeking to create a privately run 10 lane freeway from Mexican ports in the Pacific, through the heartland of the States to Canada. The result — a commercial artery from Asia to WalMart that bypasses union longshoremen and government oversight.

This Week’s Links (5/13/08)

My weekly culling from the internets:

Here’s a fascinating/disturbing article about the rich Chinese imitating the American wastefulness and stupidity. Behold, Orange County, China.

Speaking of China, here’s a pic of what happened in Sichuan on May 5, a week before the big earth quake. According the Chinese blogsphere, there were all sorts of rumors that an earthquake was coming.

For our paranoid readers, here’s a step by step way of figuring out if there’s a spy camera in your room. And there’s this step by step guide of what to do if you are approached by the police.

And this unintentionally hilarious police video (set to the Benny Hill soundtrack).

An local LA artist is trying to make traffic medians islands for art.

This blog lists all the things that are younger that John McCain. Things like Plutonium, Alaska, Spam, and Mt. Rushmore.

More about presidential candidates: Mike Gravel has either put together political commercials or performance art pieces. I’m not sure which, but they are REALLY WEIRD.

Here’s a list of weird mythical creatures from around the world. My favorite is the Popobawa from Tanzania, a flying sentient penis that doinks men in their sleep. It was reportedly responsible for another penis panic like the one I reported the other week.

And then there’s this exceptionally creepy ad from the 1970s.

Holy Crap! This is an absolutely amazing Sony Bravia ad. And this is the making of video of the commercial. These Sony ads have been some of the best things committed to film including this one and this one (see making off vids here and here).

Finally, under the shameless self promotion department, here are slideshows I wrote for Yahoo. You can see them here and here.

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