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Steven Soderbergh talks about his retirement, becoming a ‘a primitive’ and the next iternation of cinema

Steven Soderbergh will talk to you only in 45-minute chunks of time. For most press junkets, the standard interview time is a mere 4 minutes. So when I got a chance to interview the director of “Magic Mike,” we had plenty of time to talk.

Soderbergh has had one of the most enviable careers out there. The director has made Oscar favorites like “Traffic,” Hollywood blockbusters like “Ocean’s Eleven,” and art-house flicks like “The Girlfriend Experience” and “Che.” Most remarkably, he navigates these very different spheres of filmdom without changing the way he makes movies. Soderbergh not only directs but also shoots and edits his films, no matter what the scale of the project.

Recently, Soderbergh has been making movies at a breakneck rate. Since 2011, he’s cranked out five flicks, including “Side Effects,” which comes out this week, and a Liberace biopic for HBO, “Beyond the Candelabra.” When the latter airs sometime later this year, that will be it, according to the director. He’s either retiring from big-budget movie making or he’s taking a long extended break. He’s not sure.

In this interview, the first of two parts, Soderbergh talks about what he wants to do during his retirement. It looks as though a Hawaiian vacation or catching up with his stamp collection isn’t at the top of his priority list. No, Soderbergh wants to take time away from the Hollywood rat race to reinvent the language of cinema.

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