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The Idiots Who Rule America

I stumbled across this at Daily Kos. Chris Hedges is a Pulitizer Prize-winning report formerly of the New York Times. And he’s mad as hell.

Our elites—the ones in Congress, the ones on Wall Street and the ones being produced at prestigious universities and business schools—do not have the capacity to fix our financial mess. Indeed, they will make it worse. They have no concept, thanks to the educations they have received, of the common good. They are stunted, timid and uncreative bureaucrats who are trained to carry out systems management. They see only piecemeal solutions which will satisfy the corporate structure. They are about numbers, profits and personal advancement. They are as able to deny gravely ill people medical coverage to increase company profits as they are able to use taxpayer dollars to peddle costly weapons systems to blood-soaked dictatorships. The human consequences never figure into their balance sheets. The democratic system, they think, is a secondary product of the free market. And they slavishly serve the market.


Democracy is not an outgrowth of free markets. Democracy and capitalism are antagonistic entities. Democracy, like individualism, is not based on personal gain but on self-sacrifice. A functioning democracy must defy the economic interests of elites on behalf of citizens. This is not happening. The corporate managers and government officials trying to fix the economic meltdown are pouring money and resources into the financial sector because they only know how to manage and sustain established systems, not change them. Financial systems, however, are not pure scientific and numerical abstractions that exist independently from human beings.

Wow! This sort of thing just isn’t said in polite company in Washington/Wall Street, yet it’s EXACT what everyone needs to hear. For the love of God and all humanity, read the whole article here and then send it to grandma and the kids back on the farm.

This week’s links

My weekly culling from the internets:

-Quite possibly the best movie trailer ever.

-A Chinese company uses Red Guard imagery to sell fertilizer. A lot of people thought that Mao was selling the Chinese a load of fertilizer during the Cultural Revolution. Now here’s the real thing.

-Finally, Wesley Willis‘ doppelganger is running for president. One of his platforms: “To Prove the United States Government killed my sex life, my wife sex life, my daughter-in –laws sex life both may [sic] sons and other of my family members sex life… “

-If you happen to be in Pennsylvania, take advantage of this opportunity to take a ‘make your own gorilla suit costume’ workshop.

-And here’s Cory McAbee‘s latest short Reno. The music is by his band The Billy Nayer Show and it features dancing cowboys.

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