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Indie Roundup: Director Fernando Meirelles talks about ‘360’

Director Fernando Meirelles first garnered international attention in 2002 for his propulsive crime drama “City of God.” That movie, which nabbed him an Oscar nomination for best director, sizzled with the violence and passion of the favela, and it featured, hands down, the best performance by a chicken in the history of cinema. For his subsequent movie, he swapped Rio for the slums of Nairobi, detailing a different kind of violence in “The Constant Gardener.” The movie earned Rachel Weisz an Oscar for her role as a woman who railed against the evil activities of an international corporation. Continue reading ‘Indie Roundup: Director Fernando Meirelles talks about ‘360’’

Movies and real life blur for Anthony Hopkins in ‘360’

Anthony Hopkins has won just about every acting award under the sun, including an Oscar for his legendarily creepy turn as Hannibal Lecter in “Silence of the Lambs.” He’s also memorably played Richard Nixon, John Quincy Adams, and Thor’s dad. He has his pick of movie parts. So why did he agree to play a small part in the upcoming indie film “360”?

Director Fernando Meirelles know the answer. “Anthony Hopkins was drawn to the story because his character in the film is really similar to his own personal story.” Continue reading ‘Movies and real life blur for Anthony Hopkins in ‘360’’

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