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Julian Schnabel’s Controversial Movie ‘Miral’

“I make portraits of people. I don’t like it when people say I make biopics because I don’t,” Julian Schnabel said to me this week. “The question is, does a Palestinian girl get to have her portrait painted?”

As an artist, Schnabel is no stranger to controversy. His paintings — big, brash, imposing affairs — have elicited some wildly divergent opinions. Yet as a filmmaker, none of the handful of movies that he’s made, including the Oscar-nominated “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” has generated quite as much controversy as his latest movie, “Miral.”

When the film had its US premiere earlier this month at the United Nations building, David Harris of the American Jewish Committee slammed the movie, calling it “blatantly one-sided” arguing that it portrayed Israel in a “negative light.” And the AJC has not been shy about lambasting the movie on other occasions. During its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, the AJC wrote: “Without exception, the IDF [Israeli Defence Force] is stereotyped as an army of inhumane villains…. It is worthy to note that no one seems to be aware that civilians are simultaneously being blown up on Israeli streets by Palestinian ‘activists.'” Continue reading ‘Julian Schnabel’s Controversial Movie ‘Miral’’

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