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Nothing’s Sacred in Terrorist Comedy ‘Four Lions’

Making a comedy about a cell of suicide bombers might seem like an unlikely prospect, but it’s all par for the course with filmmaker Chris Morris. That name might draw blank stares on this side of the pond, but in Britain he’s something of a legend. Part satirist, part surrealist prankster, part deadly serious media critic, Morris first made his name as the writer and star of the landmark TV show “The Day Today” — a spot-on parody of the nightly news that predated “The Daily Show” and Stephen Colbert by a half decade.

He followed that with the fake newsmagazine series, “The Brass Eye.” Taking the guise of a self-important TV reporter, Morris managed to inveigle gullible celebrities, including singer Phil Collins, into making PSAs about the dangers of a fictitious drug called Cake. He even managed to convince one hapless MP into making a speech on the Parliament about the fake substance. But Morris gained true notoriety with his show’s lacerating take on the media’s hysteria over pedophilia. Channel 4 received a record number of complaints about the episode and it caused the Daily Mail to dub him, “Most Hated Man in Britain.” Continue reading ‘Nothing’s Sacred in Terrorist Comedy ‘Four Lions’’

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