Links (8/1/08)

Holy Crap! A crazed bat-shit loon ball beheads the guy sitting next to him on a bus.

A great article about how hipsters are the death of civilization. [h/t Joan]

What is it about the right wing’s fetish for Michael Moore?

And what is it with the right wing’s fetish with sex toys? [h/t Ted]

And what is it about Japanese men and used ladies underwear?

Starved bears are attacking stranded miners in Kamchatka.

And finally, with the death of Bruce Ivins, who was supposedly behind the anthrax scares on ’01, Glen Greenwald has a fascinating blog entry on anthrax, ABC news and the run up to the war in Iraq.

Clearly, Ross’ allegedly four separate sources had to have some specific knowledge of the tests conducted and, if they were really “well-placed,” one would presume that meant they had some connection to the laboratory where the tests were conducted — Ft. Detrick. That means that the same Government lab where the anthrax attacks themselves came from was the same place where the false reports originated that blamed those attacks on Iraq.


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