Links (7/24/08)

This is a little shorter than usual. I’m rushing around preparing for Comic Con. Reports coming soon.

From my regular trolling of the interweb:

A really cool collection of photos of flood control structures in Japan.

A nice interactive chart of who might be indicted for the countless scandals/crime of the Bush administration.

And then there’s this, an excellent, and really really long, article about medical marijuana in California in this week’s New Yorker.

A great site telling your more than you’d ever want to know about Japanese art rock, started by none other than Julian Cope. [h/t Joan]

Here’s an article about that new particle accelerator which probably won’t suck all matter into a man-made black hole. On the bright side, if it does I won’t have to worry about my college loans.

And here’s a way cool gallery about Scientific Inaccuracies in Movies. I know the author. He’s really cool and a hit with the ladies.

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