Links (7/14/08)

From my regular trolling on the interweb:

Here’s this insanely clever clip about spaghetti by PES. [ h/t Joan]

And there’s this groovy Santigold/N.E.R.D. video.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Remember Troy King, that douchebag Attorney General from Alabama who wanted to criminalize dildos? Yeah, well, surprise! Surprise! He’s gay. He was reportedly discovered by his wife. Weirdly enough, Troy King was nailing the homecoming king from Troy University.

Freddie Mac+Fannie Mae = We’re fucked. More on the banking crisis from a less excitable source.

Courts rules that it is in fact not constitutional to strip search a thirteen year old under suspicious of having Advil.

Jackass local TV reporter gets called a jackass.

Here’s an article about the logistics of sex in space aka the “Human Docking Procedure.” But here’s a passage that leapt out at me:

[Dr. Kring] believes that Nasa could learn from the operation of bases at the South Pole, where researchers who are separated from their families for months at a time take “expedition spouses” as sexual partners for the duration.

He said: “You have an exclusive relationship with them for six to nine months but when the expedition is over, so is the relationship and you return to your normal lives and families.”

I can’t wait to use phrases like “Human Docking Procedure” and “Expedition Spouse” in every day conversation.

Finally, this insanely cool new video from Radiohead. Nary a camera was used for the production and it looks like it was directed by robots. [via BoingBoing]

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