This week’s links 5/7/08

My weekly culling from the internets:

Some fan boys clearly have too much spare time. Behold The Empire Strike Barack.

Riding that fine line between the horrific and the funny, there’s this disturbing report of a seal raping a penguin. With pictures! And there’s something in there about penguin prostitutes too.

There seems to be a problem with incubi (incubuses?) in Washington State.

This is old, but man do I love it. The Day Today‘s coverage of 9/11.

Photobombing: the next great American past time.

If there’s one thing that captures my imagination more than proposals to fix LA’s anemic public transportation system, it’s maps of proposals to fix LA’s anemic public transportation system.

And if there’s one city that LA should aspire to, it’s Melbourne.

And this guy drew every single piece of art in MOMA

This book review by Daniel Mendelsohn in the New Yorker caught my eye. The latest translation of HerodotusHistories, while lacking perhaps in style more than makes up for in annotations. The reviewer notes that Herodotus’ famously (or in some circles notoriously) digressive narrative is really best suited for today’s hypertext style of reading. Being about a reckless, blustering leader of a great power who invades a small nation and meets disaster, the Histories is also a painfully current.

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