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Odds and Ends

Today Disney announced the opening of a new film label that going produce nothing but nature documentaries at a press conference I got to go to. Pretty much everyone who is anyone in the nature doc biz is attached to this label, so watch for a volley of flicks about chimps and flamingos in ’09 and ’10. As a way of saying thanks for sitting through their slick spiel, they gave me a “Disney Nature” backpack and a glossy picture book, along with a posh lunch served on bamboo plates. Sitting on Disney’s outdoor patio with the Santa Monica mountains in distance, listening world music wafting through their sound system, and watching the PR types smooze as I ate pan-fried char, I thought to myself, “This couldn’t possibly get more stereotypically SoCal.”

One rather unnerving fact that I did come away from the press conference is that, if push came to shove, humans and chimpanzees could receive and give blood and kidneys to each other, if the situation required it. What the situation might be, I don’t want to hazard a guess.

More from the Shameless Self Promotion office: I got another list posted to Yahoo!’s top page: The End of the Earth Day. If interested, I also did this one, this one, and this one.

Finally, a shout out to my associate Mr. Ted Mills who posted a shout out to WITMOT on his estimable blog Stone Cold Pimpin’. And also to my associate Mr. Heath Martin who make the above graphic.

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