Beautiful People — RIP

Well, it’s the end of an era. The other day, I lit a few candles, places some fake flowers a few polaroids around my computer, bought some champagne and invited a few friends over. Yes, I was holding a funeral of sorts for all the footage of my thesis film Beautiful People, which with a few mouse clicks, I flushed from my hard drives. 100 gigs now gone and my film, now completely finished after a year and half’s worth of labor and way too much money, is on a half dozen mini DVs, 2 DV-CAM masters, and 1 DigiBeta tape. A certain poignancy lingered in the air for a moment, but then when drank some of the cheap champagne and watched Jackie Chan‘s Police Story.

In other news, I’m going back to Japan for a few months to be with R in Kumamoto and work in a production house there. Stay tuned to this blog for more ranting, complaining, and witty cultural insights.

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